Bitcoin: where did these 5,000 ancient BTC suddenly appear from?

Resurrected bitcoins? – The first years of the life of Bitcoin (BTC) are filled with myths. They persist until today, due to the mysterious creator of this first blockchain network, Satoshi Nakamoto, remained anonymous. As it happens from time to time, especially with the mt gox hack case in 2014, bitcoins blocked for a long time wake up suddenly from their long hibernation. This time, it’s not far from $100 million who are moving again.

Wallet linked to Mt Gox dumps 5,000 BTC dormant since 2013

Since the creation of Bitcoin in January 2009, many BTCs were mined. And some of them sometimes stayed totally motionless many years. Our sleeping bitcoins of the day had been dormant since December 19, 2013.

As reports in particular, these 5,000 bitcoins inert for nearly 9 years were suddenly transferred elsewhere this September 4, 2022. These bitcoins in question would be linked to the defunct exchange platform Mt Gox. The latter had definitively closed its doors in 2014, after its monumental hackresulting in the siphoning of hundreds of thousands of BTC.

But whose may well belong this large sum of BTC (nearly 100 million dollars at the current price)? If Satoshi Nakamoto had disappeared from the radar as early as 2010, it could well be that this is another well-known actor in the cryptosphere: Jed McCalebmain developer of crypto projects XRP and Stellar (XLM). He also happens to be… the original founder of Mt Gox! Before its resale to the French Mark Karpeles in 2011.

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Did Jed McCaleb recover old bitcoins?

This movement of ancient bitcoins happens to follow two othersfrom same amountand from wallets created on same day of December 2013. Indeed, on August 28 and 29, 2022 two transactions of 5,000 BTC each, dating from exactly the same time, were carried out. All these BTCs would be linked to an address used on the Mt Gox exchange.

Several analysts, transaction specialists on chainleaned on its 15,000 mysterious bitcoins suddenly come back to life. Thus, cites one of them, known by the pseudonym ErgoBTC on Twitter :

“(…) Despite a deposit on Kraken, these bitcoins do not come from Kraken. They obviously come from Mt Gox, and are probably controlled by Jed McCaleb. »

The principal concerned has in any case, at the time of writing these lines, made no statement in this sense (nor to deny it for that matter). It should be noted, however, that Jed McCaleb ended up resell all of its 9 billion XRP not long ago in July 2022. Would he now also seek to liquidate his bitcoins? In any case, the latter are not not related to the trust who recovered the remaining BTC from Mt Gox in 2014, and who is soon to – chance of the calendar – them distribute/return to former aggrieved customers of the platform.

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