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Present at IBM since the beginning of her career, Béatrice Kosowski rose through the ranks to become the president of IBM France. Sylvain Fievet’s new guest in Numérique4ever discusses the importance of the human dimension in innovation for it to make sense.

“What’s the point of what you’re doing? What are you doing to change the world? » Béatrice Kosowski is the mother of two girls aged 25 and 27. Since their adolescence, they have challenged her around existential questions: They ask me annoying questions. All of this is moving forward.” . According to the president of IBM France, innovation is a fascinating phenomenon, which is largely based on an often underestimated human dimension. “When we take clients to the laboratories with our researchers, it gives chills, she confides. But above all, what gives life to the technology, what gives meaning and assures us that the use will be in the direction of the common good, are the women and the men. This is for me the common thread, my number 1 motivation ».

Who is Beatrice Kosowski?

Béatrice Kosowski, a graduate of ESSEC in 1987 and mother of two grown-up daughters, has been President of IBM France since October 2020.

After the development of a start-up in Marketing for 6 years, Béatrice joined the IBM group in 1994. She held numerous commercial and financial management positions at EMEA and French level, notably assuming the Presidency of IBM France Financement and the general management of the Global Technology Services entity, in charge of IT services and maintenance for 6 years.

Since 2019, Béatrice Kosowski has been a member of the Board of Directors and the Comex of Numeum. She is also a member of the Strategic Orientation Council of the University of Paris-Saclay, and involved in the advisory committee of Auticonsult France. Since March 2022, she has also been a member of the Supervisory Board of the ESSEC Group Association.

With a view to the 2022 presidential elections, Béatrice Kosowski co-chairs, alongside Jean Pierre Clamadieu, the “Energy and Climate Transition” Commission as part of a citizen initiative organized by the Institut de l’entreprise.

By passion as well as by personal and professional conviction, Béatrice is a leader driven by team and body spirit, positive management, the generalization of training in technologies and research, the diversity of talents and the creation of value. concrete for IBM customers, a trusted player.

Béatrice sponsors in a personal capacity within the Executive Committee of IBM France three missions, pillars of her commitment, the transformation of IBM in France, the development of talents and the promotion of inclusion and diversity.

IBM, a century-old company, is now positioned as the preferred partner for digital, cognitive and cloud transformation.

IBM enables companies to differentiate themselves and innovate in their market by providing them with skills, systems, services, financing and technologies. Over the past decade, the company has reinvented their end-to-end value proposition through a series of transformational actions.

Since 2012, it has dedicated more than $120 billion to transform their strategy, portfolio and skills. It has accelerated their positioning on the hybrid cloud and multi-cloud, with in 2019 the major acquisition of Red Hat, the world’s leading publisher of open source software solutions.

The company also continued their R&D investments on transformational technologies like AI, blockchain and quantum computing. As such, it filed more than 9,200 patents in 2019, and thus maintains their leadership in terms of patents filed for the 27th consecutive year.

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