Bronchiolitis epidemic: 50 children hospitalized in Occitanie, new cases everywhere in France

Of the 1,400 children who were hospitalized in pediatric emergencies last week, 1,325 were under 1 year old.
All regions except Corsica are concerned.

The data from Public Health France (SPF) are unequivocal: the bronchiolitis epidemic (an acute and contagious viral infection which affects the bronchioles or small bronchi), has spread widely throughout the national territory.

An epidemic that particularly affects infants, in a context marked by a crisis in pediatric emergencies.

While bronchiolitis is highly contagious and causes babies to cough and have difficulty breathing, the infection is usually mild. However, it may occasionally require a visit to the emergency room or even hospitalization.

41% increase in hospitalizations

According to SPF, 4,311 children under the age of 2 passed through the emergency room for bronchiolitis last week, from October 17 to 23, 2022. 3,938, or 91%, were under the age of 1 and 1,405 (33%) were hospitalized.

Of the 1,405 children hospitalized, 1,325 (94%) were under 1 year old. This represents, compared to the previous week, a spectacular increase of 41% in hospitalizations. And a major fear in pediatric services which are finding it increasingly difficult to cope.

50 hospitalizations in Occitania

The Occitanie region is not spared. In hospital medicine, there were 161 passages for this diagnosis against 127 passages the previous week. 50 required hospitalization, ie a hospitalization rate of 31.1% for this diagnosis and 25.0% among all hospitalizations in this age group.

However, according to virological data from the University Hospitals of Nîmes, Montpellier and Toulouse, the circulation of the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) was stable. which does not prejudge an acceleration of the bronchiolitis epidemic.

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