Bruce Willis will no longer make movies but will still be in theaters thanks to confusing technology

The 67-year-old actor ended his film career due to aphasia. A disorder, most often of language, preventing him from shooting in films.

Eternal life, at least on screen? It’s a bit of the crazy bet in which Bruce Willis embarked. The 67-year-old actor recently announced that he is ending his career after revealing that he has aphasia, a brain disease that affects language in particular.

But like a sci-fi scenario, the actor’s career is only just beginning. The latter has just sold his face to the firm Deepcake, which specializes in the synthetic reproduction of a face and all the emotions that accompany it.

digital twin

Thanks to this technology, which can be compared to “Deepfake” (the fact of reproducing false features of a face on video), Bruce Willis thus offers himself posterity with the creation of his digital double. Concretely, a digital image of the actor will replace him in films or advertisements.

A stunt double will appropriate the body of the actor while his face will be entirely modeled in 3D. Bruce Willis had already tried the experiment last year for an ad for a Russian telecom operator.

Visibly convinced of the result of the operation, the actor decided to go further and sell his entire face to the company. “I liked the precision with which my character was made. It’s like a mini-movie in my usual action-comedy genre. For me, it’s a great opportunity to step back in time,” he explained.

If the amount of the transaction has not been revealed, one can imagine the potential for the cinema industry to use the image of the actor without limit.

Recently, the Abba band performed a digital concert tour using similar technology. We also saw on screen Carrie Fisher, who died in 2016, in a Star Wars film in 2020.

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