Bryan Garnier: “We are bankers passionate about technology and our mission is to finance innovation”

Decision makers. What motivated you to mount Bryan Garnier? What were your ambitions?

Olivier Garnier. From 1996, the ambition to create a European investment bank in the image of the American banks designed in the 1970s and 1990s, such as Robertson Stephens or Cowen. Their particularity? Participate in the development of technologies in Silicon Valley or the Boston area. At the time, the market for entrepreneurship, tech, digitalization and all the ensuing disruptions was emerging in Europe. Our vision: to become the benchmark player, the bank for entrepreneurs at the service of these entrepreneurs, at the service of these groups undergoing profound change, the highly specialized bank, capable of supporting the emergence and growth of these future leaders.

How did you do it?

Greg Returned. At that time, technology was a subject of great complexity, on which few people were present. We had a logic of support over time. To do this, we had to be comprehensive in all services, as opposed to independent investment banks in Europe, which are generally highly specialized in products but generalist from a sector point of view. Our logic was to be the “one stop shop” for these players by being able to support them with all of their needs as they grew, and of course their success made our success! The success and speed of what we had imagined since the founding of Bryan Garnier are also obviously the fruit of hard work and good positioning, but also of a lot of luck in the timing and execution of our development!

“Developing an investment bank from scratch is not easy: we very quickly covered several countries and all the businesses needed to support growth companies”

What does Bryan Garnier look like in 2022?

GR Last year, we passed the 100 million euro revenue mark and maintained continuous growth of more than 25% per year on average. The majority of our activity is related to the investment banking part: fundraising for listed and unlisted companies, M&A in the broad sense. Our geographic exposure has been progressive. We are present in London, Paris, Munich, but also in Oslo, Stockholm, New York, with representative offices in Palo Alto and Shanghai. Today there are nearly 250 employees who work through these different offices together, in a logic of sectoral franchising: at Bryan Garnier, we are a Health banker, we are a Tech banker, we do not think of geographical locations, the offices are there to settle the employment contract and basically the place where we socialize!

What are your areas of development?

GR We have a debt activity which is not organized as a product but on which our track record is significant. Given its volume, it is not excluded that we structure this activity further. We are also the pioneers of private placement in Europe, and over the past few years we have managed more than a hundred growth capital operations. The strengthening of this activity within the capital markets is all the more strategic as the recent poor performance of the equity markets slows down the pace of IPOs while the reserves of capital to finance companies privately, before being listed on the stock exchange , are at record levels! Here again, since the founding of the bank, we have decided to also be agile in these two rather disjointed ecosystems, the “listed” and “non-listed” universes.

Interview by Olivia Vignaud

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