BT: tests its technologies in a care home – 10/26/2022 at 11:59

( – BT announces the implementation of a pilot program, in partnership with Home Group, consisting in equipping the apartments of 12 residents of the Webb Ellis Court care home, in Scarborough (England), with a suite intelligent technologies designed to make life easier for residents.

Sensors are attached to electrical devices such as TVs, kettles and fridges using smart plugs, as well as to key access points in homes, including doors.

According to BT, the technology supports resident safety by recording each time equipment is used or when parts of the home have been accessed, allowing on-site staff to notice unusual patterns in real time.

The data is then used to help map residents’ routines and automatically identify changes that could indicate illness or injury and enable caregivers to intervene quickly to allow residents to live more comfortably and remain independent longer.


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