Business: How a young tech founder overcame adversity

  • By Dougal Shaw
  • Business reporter, BBC News

Timothy Armoo

Photo credit, Fanbytes

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Timothy Armoo ​​founded Fanbytes in 2017.

A young black entrepreneur with few contacts in the sector, Timothy Armoo, 27, has more than thwarted the odds to obtain investment, develop and sell his start-up.

He grew up in a housing estate in south London and attributes part of his success to a “fluke” as a teenager.

“When I talk to my girlfriend about it, says Mr. Armoo, she says to me, ‘You know you’re not supposed to be able to do this'”.

Mr Armoo ​​founded his social media advertising company, Fanbytes, in 2017 and grew it to employ 65 people.

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