Business travelers turn to technology in times of disruption, Egencia survey finds

According to a new study by global B2B travel technology platform, Egencia, nearly three-quarters (72 %) of French business travelers are more likely to use digital tools, such as apps and virtual agents, to address travel disruption than before the pandemic.

Increasingly common disturbances

Conducted with 751 frequent business travelers [1] in France, the survey reveals that due to the chaos reigning over the sector, 77 % of attendees’ recent trips were disrupted, including flight cancellations and delays [2].

Almost two-thirds (64 %) of business travelers surveyed think they are likely to experience disruption if they were to travel today. As a result, 89 % proactively implement strategies to minimize potential inconvenience. For example, 34 % prefer to book early morning flights or avoid certain airports and airlines (34%).

Technology as an ally

Since the pandemic, younger professionals are more likely to use technology to manage disruptions in their program than those over the age of 55. Indeed, 77 % of people under 35 have adopted technological tools, compared to 63 % for the previous generation.

The ability to access real-time information was cited by 39 % of participants as the main asset of using digital tools to manage schedule changes. An overwhelming majority agree that technology is a real plus for managing their trip ; only 3 % of respondents who disagree.

Five key benefits of using technology to manage travel disruption:

  • Access to real-time information
  • Time savings
  • Immediate and personalized assistance from a business travel agency
  • Avoid queues and customer service desks
  • Wider choice for new modalities

The study also revealed a craze for automated options to lessen travel disruption in the future. Indeed, almost a third (31 %) of frequent flyers would like to receive predictive flight alerts and 28 % would like the tickets to be exchanged automatically in the event of a problem.

The trip is worth it

The rapid resumption of travel is straining the entire tourism ecosystem, creating challenges for travelers around the world. With disruption still on the rise, business travelers are less and less willing to travel. More than half (51 %) of those questioned also declare that they prefer to cancel their trip in such circumstances.

Despite the major upheavals, almost all of the professionals questioned (96 %) still recognizes the advantages of going back on the road. Face-to-face collaboration tops the list of benefits of business travel, cited by almost a third (28 %) of respondents. . Participants aged 55 and older also believe the ability to make face-to-face deals is as valuable as in-person collaboration.

According to Mark Hollyhead, president of Egencia: Business travelers are increasingly concerned about encountering problems during their journeys as well as the possibility of not receiving the assistance adapted to their needs. Whatever the reason for a trip, if you decide to do it, then it is an investment in time. We want to be there for our customers and provide them with the best technology and service to manage travel disruptions as seamlessly as possible. ยป

Research methodology :

For each of the regions (UK, US and France), 750 professionals traveling at least three times a year were surveyed online between July 25, 2022 and July 1er August 2022 by Censuswide.

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