By adopting a 100% Moroccan solution: Sorec puts technology at the service of horse racing

Firmly committed to a process of modernization and digitalization, Sorec is revolutionizing the field of horse racing by creating Gamma Systems by Sorec, the first central horse racing solution designed in Africa.

With the launch of this new solution, Sorec is pursuing its ambition to strengthen its position as the leader of game operators in Morocco in the service of boosting the equine ecosystem. Sorec thus joins the very restricted circle of around ten horse-racing game software publishers and is now one of the rare horse-racing game operators in the world to have their own solution.

“By becoming the first African operator to produce a central horse racing solution, Sorec reveals its strong ability to innovate and reiterates its commitment to building an inclusive and efficient equine sector. We are proud to contribute to promoting our country through the realization of this ambitious project which positions Sorec as a leader and which allows it to acquire an autonomy essential to its ambitions”, affirms Omar Skalli, Managing Director of Sorec. .
Entirely imagined and designed by Sorec, Gamma Systems by Sorec is a real technological feat created in partnership with exclusively Moroccan companies (Pcard, Ingenius, Brome). “The resilience, exemplary involvement and exceptional skills of our team have been essential to the realization of this vision carried by Sorec since 2012”, says Abdellatif Choukki, director of information systems and technologies.

Since its commissioning in March 2022, Gamma Systems by Sorec has already recorded more than 150 million transactions and has increased the productivity of the various partners by boosting their sales and strengthening their relationships with their customers. Today, the solution makes it possible to manage more than 1 million transactions per day with a peak of more than 100 transactions per second.
Compliant with the best international standards, Sorec indicates that this innovative, secure, scalable solution, and offering the possibility of an agile and competitive time to market, will be made available to all types of gaming and horse racing operators. It could, in the very short term, arouse the interest of many African and international operators who, until now, used solutions made in Europe or the United States. The export of this solution will be an opportunity for Sorec to promote Moroccan know-how.

In concrete terms, Gamma Systems by Sorec is a central server that processes all the data and calculations required to hold the games: registration of stakes, issuance of tickets, calculation of odds, calculation of winnings and management of winning tickets. It replaces the Carrus Group’s S3000 system, which had enabled Sorec to triple its stakes over the past 15 years.

In addition to a more diversified product offering, agility to anticipate market trends and an optimized customer experience, this solution opens up new perspectives and new possibilities in the field of horse racing.

Indeed, it is brought to know constant evolutions to offer ever more innovative services and products, in line with the new expectations of customers and partners. Ultimately, Gamma Systems by Sorec is a major technological breakthrough that will support Sorec in the accomplishment of its mission and in the achievement of ambitions converging towards the emergence and growth of a sustainable and value-creating equine industry.

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