Cancer: a miracle molecule that blocks cancerous tumors

Cancer research is not in vain. A recent study, although preliminary, provides further proof of this. It reveals that an innovative molecule could soon slow down tumor growth.

This is only a phase I study, that is to say that it is intended to allow “a preliminary evaluation of the efficacy at the selected dose” in humans, as indicated in the League Against Cancer. But its results are not insignificant in the case of the molecule called OMO-103. Indeed, it is the first to show efficacy against MYC, an element that orchestrates the messages telling a cell to divide, and which is therefore essential for the tumor.

Until now, this element was considered “intractable”. Now, thanks to the results of this study conducted by Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology in Barcelona, ​​there is hope.

Tumor regression

To reach this conclusion, the team of Elena Garralda, the main author of this work, tested the molecule in 17 patients, each presenting a form of cancer that is difficult to treat. Among them, 8 saw their disease stabilize, thanks to the treatment which interrupted the growth of their tumour.

Better, some tumors have even regressed. This is the case “of a patient with pancreatic cancer whose tumor has reduced by 8%, and whose amount of DNA circulating in the blood has also decreased by 83%”, specifies the author. This is another good surprise: OMO-103 remains at least 50 hours in the blood, and probably even longer in the tumor. This gives hope that it could act for a long time, and therefore be all the more effective.

Finally, the side effects are mild. “Which is good news since we hope to combine this treatment with others such as chemotherapy”, which exposes you to heavy side effects.

“These preliminary results allow us to be optimistic about a possible development of therapy based on OMO-103, with the possibility of significantly improving the treatment of patients,” she concludes.

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