Casinos use facial recognition to sniff out wealthy customers

In London, near Hyde Park Corner, the low-key “Les Ambassadeurs” casino uses pioneering surveillance technology that could soon concern “our common future”, predicts the American financial media Bloomberg. Ten of the building’s 400 cameras are equipped with a facial recognition system and allow employees to judge the importance of people who enter a gaming room, to better welcome them and above all to retain them.

The system has been in place since 2018 at the “A”, one of the most exclusive casinos in the British capital according to the American title. It takes 25,000 pounds (nearly 30,000 euros) for one year of membership. Most of its 20,000 active members come from Asia or the Middle East and are billionaires, members of royal families or celebrities.

An “Orwellian control”

Facial recognition technology is typically used to validate an identity or find the face of a person suspected of a crime, details Bloomberg, which qualifies as “Orwellian control” the system in place at the “A”s.

“’The Ambassadors’ stand out by using this kind of process, based on

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