Covid-19: contagion, delta mutation… You have to worry about the CH.1.1 variant. Who is in the UK?

Covid-19: contagion, delta mutation... You have to worry about the CH.1.1 variant.  Who is in the UK?

the essential A new variant of Covid-19 has been detected in the Kingdom. CH.1.1 has a mutation that already belonged to the Delta variant. This new strain raises fears of an increased risk of infection. This has been a constant for a few weeks: the health authorities of the various European countries have increased their … Read more

More and more opponents of vaccination are looking for “pure blood”

More and more opponents of vaccination are looking for “pure blood”

The case caused a stir in New Zealand in December: an anti-vaccination couple who resisted surgery to save their baby lost several the guard. The parents refused to transfuse him with blood from Covid-19 vaccinated donors over fears he would be “contaminated” by… the vaccine. disinformation Like this couple, the so-called “pure-blood” movement is gaining … Read more

Vaccine misinformation is driving netizens to search for ‘clean blood’

AFP, published on Wednesday, January 25, 2023 at 07:32 An anti-vaccination opponent who refuses a transfusion for life-saving surgery for fear of contagion, an organization that brings together unvaccinated donors: Misinformation about Covid-19 has led to a so-called “pure-blood” movement. The movement is promoting conspiracy theories that receiving transfusions from people vaccinated against Covid is … Read more

Covid-19: Should we really be panicking over the emergence of the Kraken variant?

Reading time: 8 mins His name, which he used informally Attributed to Ryan Gregory, a biologist at a Canadian university, in social networks, is also that ofa devastating monster from Norwegian mythology. The sub-variant of Omicron, also known as “Kraken” (officially referred to as XBB.1.5), was noisy in circulation the World Health Organization (WHO)in thirty-eight … Read more

3 Proteins to Minimize Heart Attack Damage

THE ESSENTIAL According to Santé Publique France, 2.3% of the French adult population in France suffer from heart failure. According to health insurance companies, between 400,000 and 700,000 people suffer from heart failure without even knowing it. About 80,000 people suffer a heart attack –also called a heart attack– every year in France, acc Health … Read more

These fermented foods boost the microbiota

These fermented foods boost the microbiota

Fermentation transforms vegetables, beverages and dairy products to the great benefit of our health. There are contraindications to their consumption. Sour milk, cabbage in brine: the Fermented Foods have been an integral part of human nutrition since ancient times. This is one of the oldest food processing and preservation techniques. From a nutritional point of … Read more