Usbek & Rica – “Technology can still play a positive and emancipatory role”

That being said, it should also be noted that the Privacy Shield [accord dans le domaine du droit de la protection des données personnelles, qui a été négocié entre 2015 et 2016 entre l’Union européenne et les États-Unis d’Amérique, ndlr] and the Safe Harbor [son prédécesseur, conçu par le gouvernement des États-Unis et conclu avec … Read more

Verimatrix Threat Defense Technology Deployed by Saudi Arabia’s Largest E-Commerce Service

Verimatrix’s App Shield and Extended Threat Defense (XTD) solutions selected by Jarir to protect their valuable intellectual property data against cyber threats AIX-EN-PROVENCE, France & SAN DIEGO, September 14, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Regulatory News: Verimatrix, (Euronext Paris: VMX), a leading provider of user security solutions for a safer connected world, today announced that Jarir, the leading e-commerce … Read more

to cars with technologies to prevent drunk driving

The National Transportation Safety Board recommends the installation of alcohol impairment detection systems in all new vehicles. Use technology to improve road safety. In the United States, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the agency responsible for investigating accidents with various modes of transportation, wants to prevent those related to alcohol consumption on the road. … Read more

Transport | Is the hyperloop doomed?

The dream transport has been around for more than 150 years: in the 1870s, a test device used a pneumatic vacuum tube to propel people under Manhattan from Warren Street to Murray Street. Posted at 4:00 p.m. Eric A.TAUB The New York Times In the 2010s, an improved version of vacuum tube technology, called hyperloop, … Read more

Smart headlights to improve night driving

Ford of Europe is testing new high-resolution headlight technology that could improve safety when driving at night. These headlights would project important road information into the driver’s field of vision. The night kills more than the day. The risk of having a fatal accident at dusk is also seven times higher than the daytime risk … Read more

Schneider-Torc Robotics agreement to advance self-driving truck technology

The American carrier Schneider has entered into an agreement with the firm Torc Robotics to test its level 4 autonomous driving systems for heavy goods vehicles. Under the agreement, Schneider will entrust cargo shipments to the self-driving truck fleet of Torc, a subsidiary of Daimler Truck. (Photo: Torc Robotics) The pilot program is expected to … Read more

In the heart of Silicon Valley, visual artists Adrien M & Claire B question technology at its epicenter

News from the cultural sector in the regions and internationally thanks to our correspondents abroad and to those who create cultural life where they are. Every Friday, Arnaud Laporte takes news of the artists in residence at the Villa Albertine, in the United States. Within the company Adrien M & Claire B which she founded … Read more