CES 2023: Here are the most futuristic technologies to be seen at the Las Vegas show

Foldable smartphones, ultra-light laptops, smart toilets… the craziest technologies are presented at the CES 2023 of Las Vegas, and many of them will sooner or later be commercialized. But the living room is also full prototypesfrom drafts and great exciting product ideas to come. In many ways, this is where CES shines.

flying cars,

custom gamepads
and electric roller skates are just some of the innovative creations on display. Discover the most futuristic products announced at CES 2023.

The Aska A5 puts the world’s first flying car into action

The next mobility of the future
announced its flying car in 2019 (and was taking pre-orders), but CES 2023 marks the first showing of theAska A5although bad weather postponed its first presentation on Wednesday.

One can call the Aska an airplane with wheels or a car with wings. But technically it is electric vertical take-off and landing aircraftor eVTOL. The vehicle can carry four passengersand its foldable wings unfold to take off vertically and fly a range of 400 kilometers.

The Aska A5’s fenders can be folded up for driving or parking

Although the Aska A5 is officially taking off at this year’s CES, you won’t be able to drive it any time soon. Next Future Mobility plans to market the vehicle in 2026. Pre-orders require a deposit of $5,000refundable after one year.

BMW’s i Vision Dee wants to be your friend

While the Aska A5 blurs the line between airplane and automobile, the concept is i see dee from BMW wants to blur the line between car and companion.

The German car giant’s i Vision Dee concept envisions a future where your car is much more personal. Of E Ink Panels allow you to program human faces Expressing emotions in the car’s grille, and sophisticated AI technology is able to speak to you more like less like a servant like a friend.

E-ink is not limited to the grille. The entire car is made up of E Ink panels (240, to be precise) that allow you to change color and create patterns in seconds.

the BMW i Vision Dee is just a concept for now, but some of its features will make their way into current BMW vehicles. BMW boss Oliver Zipse said, for example, that the HUB technology Powered by the AI ​​that the company has integrated into the i Vision Dee, it is said to be integrated into real cars 2025.

TCL’s RayNeo X2 AR glasses can translate conversations in real time

The Chinese technology company TCL is best known for its TV, but also invests in virtual and augmented reality devices. His glasses RayNeo X2 AR are available for demonstration at CES 2023, and Scott Stein from CNET.com was able to use it to translate a conversation with a Chinese speaker in real time.

The frame of the RayNeo X2 AR glasses is lightweight bulkier than that of ordinary glasses, but the correction system eliminates the need to wear other glasses underneath and the expected introduction of the AR1 chip from Qualcomm should reduce the size even more.

The RayNeo X2 AR glasses will be available to the developer community in late Q1 2023, with commercial launch expected later this year.

Dell’s Concept Nyx controller reinvents the way you play and work

Although Valve tried reinventing the gamepad a few years ago, we haven’t seen much innovation in this area since everyone embraced the gamepad functional Xbox design as standard.

Developed by computer hardware subsidiary Alienware, the

Prototype of the Concept Nyx controller

is inspired by the Concept Nyx Home Gaming Server that Dell introduced last year. one fingerprint sensor located at the top recognizes individual players, automatically loads their preferences and can even launch their favorite games.

From them customizable scroll wheels located at the bottom of the controller allow you to easily select weapons or other menu items and sensors tactile Below the left and right shoulder buttons are sliders. Toggle buttons on the back of the controller allow for quick switching between two full sets of controls on the front.

The Nyx controller is still a prototype in development and has no scheduled release date yet.

Atmos Gear adds electrical energy to rollerblades

Electric bikes are on the rise so why not Electric roller skates ? Thanks to the French company Atmos gear, you won’t have to take off your skates to climb steep slopes. Its motorized skate frame is designed to adapt to any skate shoe and allow you to reach a cruising speed of about 25km/h.

The reels are controlled by a remote control and designed to give you a range of about 20 kilometers. You can also use the skates manually, even while the motor battery is charging.

Atmos Gear is currently taking pre-orders of the product at a price of 500 euro. The company said it will begin production of its electric inline skates once it receives them 200 pre-orders. She currently has 150 received.

Loovic promises hands-free directions to navigate anywhere

One of the most unusual prototypes to be shown at CES 2023 is a wearable neckband made by a Japanese startup called Loovic. The device hangs around your neck like headphones when not in use and gives way acoustic and tactile indicators
to help you navigate without looking at your phone.

The device was inspired by the son of Toru Tamanka (CEO of Loovic), who suffers from a cognitive impairment that makes it difficult to follow instructions. It’s suitable for anyone who wants to get navigation directions while keeping their heads up. Loovics choker provides guidance speaker and a tactile feedback on the neck and shoulders. The device is still a prototype.

CNET.com article adapted from CNET France

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