Climate, Technology, Politics: The Age of Hurricanes

Hurricane Ian caused 44 deaths in Florida. It devastated the southern state, causing damage considered by the authorities as “historic”. Almost a million people are without electricity. It goes back to South Carolina. In September, Fiona had ravaged the island of Puerto Rico. In the next few days, hurricane Orlene, which is strengthening, it is now classified as force 3 (out of 5), should reach the coasts of Mexico. Classic. Every year, the beginning of autumn is the time of the storms in the Caribbean. Global warming is not the cause but the new fact is that it makes the wind more humid and consequently the rains become floods. Most deaths in Florida have been by drowning.

In Indonesia on Saturday evening, jostling during a football match turned crushing: more than 174 dead. This sport multiplies the tragedies of crowd effects: Peru in 1964, 320 deaths (the record), Holland-Heysel in 1985, 39 deaths, Liverpool…

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