Computing and information technology. Neuchâtel educational network still the target of a cyberattack.

Access to the RPN’s IT infrastructure has been cut off as a precaution (symbolic snapshot/Keystone archives).


Already the victim of a computer attack in March, the Neuchâtel educational network (RPN) was again the target of hackers on Wednesday. Access to IT infrastructure has been cut off as a precaution.

Teams from the IT department of the Neuchâtel entity (SIEN) have detected an attack on the messaging infrastructure of the Neuchâtel educational network, the State Chancellery said in a press release. The attack continued into the evening.

An operational unit, made up of technical specialists from SIEN, the School IT Office (OISO) and the secondary 2 IT department (SIS2) and supported by external companies specializing in cybersecurity, has been set up to contain incident and deal with potentially impacted systems, the statement said.

Since the beginning of the year, several Neuchâtel institutions have been victims of cyberattacks. The University of Neuchâtel and medical practices were particularly affected.


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