Confident in its technology, Sony would start production of 2 million PS VR2

According to several sources familiar with the matter, Sony plans to produce 2 million PS VR 2 virtual reality headsets by March 2023.

Sony is making a risky bet by deciding to produce some 2 million of its new PS VR 2 virtual reality headset for March 2023 as the global economic context, the shortage of materials and the resulting price increases agitate households.

Mass production started

Bloomberg journalist Takashi Mochizuki was able to talk to several sources familiar with the matter and came up with this interesting information. While no release date or price has been announced for the Japanese brand’s new virtual reality headset, its mass production still began in September and will ramp up until early next year. .

According to sources interviewed by the newspaper, Sony could revise this production figure downwards if the global context and sales require it. Thus, Sony could release its headphones at the beginning of 2023, during the planned period of restocking of PS5s in stores. Flooding the market with PS VR 2 while gamers flock to copies of PlayStation 5 would be strategically wise.

Horizon Call of the Mountain will definitely be the technical demonstration of PS VR 2 to convince people to buy the headset. ©PlayStation

Not so easy to sell so many helmets

But everything is not a foregone conclusion. First of all, analysts recall that the first PS VR of the name reached its first million units sold worldwide eight months after its launch. The Quest 2, Meta’s headset, shipped 2.8 million units in its first quarter of availability.

All the more risky since, according to some analysts, the power of the helmet being so important, its price could very well be equivalent to that of a PlayStation 5, necessary for its use.

Add to that the prices of games developed specifically for the headset and the bill could become monumental for the average home. Sony will therefore have to stand out on the quality of its games, twenty of which are in development for the launch, such as Horizon Call of the Mountain or the VR adaptation of Resident Evil Village.

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