Core i9-13900K and the Z790 chipser, Gigabyte launches its Instant 6 GHz technology

Gigabyte Instant 6 GHz Technology

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Gigabyte unveils an interesting technology Instant 6GHz. It is aimed at the lucky ones with Intel’s new showcase, the Core i9-13900K.

As its name suggests, it allows you to instantly set the processor to a frequency much higher than that recommended by Intel. To take advantage of it, you must update the BIOS of your Gigabyte Z790 motherboard. In addition to Turbo Boost mode, the Instant 6 GHz can also increase CPU potential in single-core mode by 3%.

Gigabyte Instant 6 GHz Technology

Gigabyte’s screenshot shows two Core i9-13900K P-Cores running at 6 GHz (P-Cores 4 and 5) when rendered under Cinebench R23.

Instant 6 GHz technology automatically changes CPU voltage and Vcore load line calibration to detect the two most optimized cores operating at 6 GHz frequency. The objective is to allow users who do not have advanced knowledge in the field of overclocking to boost the frequency of their Core i9-13900K effortlessly. The only “complexity” is to enable the “Instant 6 GHz” option in the BIOS. The latest compatible BIOSes are now available on Gigabyte’s servers.

Core i9-13900K Gigabyte Instant 6GHz

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