Covid-19: vaccination can cause disruption of the menstrual cycle, confirms a study

This new study published at the end of September in the British Medical Journal confirmed the results obtained during previous work published in January. These had shown that vaccination had an influence on a possible lengthening of menstruation in women. However, the study had only been carried out with American women, because at that time vaccination was not yet sufficiently advanced elsewhere in the world, forcing the work to be expanded.

The results of this new survey confirm what many women had reported. Overall, the group observed by the researchers experienced an average one-day increase from cycles prior to vaccination. However, the duration of prolongation was greater, by about three days on average, when the two doses of vaccine were carried out during a single menstrual cycle. But while such changes did work, they were only temporary. From the following cycle, a return to normal was generally observed.

This study therefore highlights the consequences of the vaccine and the need to inform people about to be vaccinated of such risks, even though the laboratories, when the campaigns were launched, had given no recommendation on the topic.


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