Covid – 8th wave: what is this new variant often confused with gastroenteritis?

New variants, the approaching gastroenteritis season, the return of cold weather and therefore indoor social interactions which promote the spread of viruses: part of the scientific community predicts a rough winter health issue.

And recently, the forecasts have taken a slightly more alarmist turn. While the XBB variant worries scientists, another one is attracting more particular attention. Her name : BQ.1.1. He is the result of BA’s mutation. 5, itself a cousin of the Omicron variant.

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Gastro-like symptoms

Doctors closely monitor this variant whose symptoms raise fears of confusion with those of gastroenteritis. Contagion by BQ.1.1 would indeed cause diarrhoea, vomiting, stomach aches and other digestive disorders, as we enter the gastro season.

One piece of data is of greater concern to experts: its strong “immune escape” that’s to say its ability to evade the antibodies produced by our body. A characteristic of BQ.1.1 which makes Édouard Tuallion, professor of virology at the Montpellier University Hospital, say that this new variant has “all the cards in hand to become the next majority variant“. “It could represent the majority of cases in the coming weeks”, warns the professor in the columns of Free lunch.

BQ1.1 is gaining momentum, it could replace BA5 within a few weeks because it has a greater ability to evade our immunity. How serious will it be? We don’t know but let’s be careful, let’s limit the transmission of the virus.
Vaccine, mask, ventilation, isolation if woozy.

— Remi Solomon (@RemiSalomon) October 12, 2022

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