Covid long: a new symptom disrupts daily life

Covid long: a new symptom disrupts daily life
Researchers have identified abnormal shortness of breath during physical activity due to long Covid. © Adobe stock

Four weeks after the Covid, are you still very tired, with headaches? It’s the long Covid. Researchers continue to make discoveries about Covid along with a new symptom. We tell you more.

It affects physical performance

Researchers from the University of California, San and Zuckerberg Hospital in San Francisco analyzed the results of nine studies on long Covid effects on the physical performance. The physical performance of 359 people infected with Covid and cured was compared to that of 464 people suffering from a long Covid. The patients were between 39 and 56 years oldtheir body mass index was between 23 and 30 (i.e. between overweight and obesity).

A new symptom

Researchers have identified a new symptom of long Covid: shortness of breath during and after physical exercise. Indeed, the Covid seems reduce oxygen extraction in the muscles. The consequence: irregular breathing patterns and less ability to increase heart rate during exercise.

Cardio sports that are too difficult…

By comparing the exercise tolerance of the two groups, the maximum oxygen level of the long Covid group was 4.9 ml/kg/min inferior to that of the group having recovered well. “Because of the long Covid, a tennis player doubles might need to switch to cart golf or simple stretching exercises, because of the physical effort required, ”explains Matthew S. Durstenfeld, co-author of the study, in a press release.

Source : JAMA Netw Open. October 2022

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