Covid long: millions of French people concerned

Covid long: millions of French people concerned
More than 2 million French people suffer from the consequences of Covid-long. © Adobe stock

7 million French people contracted Covid at the end of 2021. 30% of them were still suffering from sequelae in April 2022 according to Public Health France. What are these consequences? How worrying is that?

More than 2 million French

Were you infected with Covid at the end of 2021? Seven million adults were too. Among them, a third always suffer from sequels linked to the Covid, i.e. “2.06 million people over 18“, specifies Public Health France (SPF). We then speak of long Covid. According to the World Health Organization, the sequelae of long Covid are symptoms:

  • which cannot be explained otherwise,
  • Who appear in the three months later the infection,
  • Which persist for at least two months.

25 symptoms recognized in France

French health authorities recognize 25 symptoms of long Covid. Those are :

  • general signs and symptoms: fatigue lasting, pain, headaches, muscular weaknessshortness of breath on exertion, tachycardia, chest pain, skin problems, anxietysleeping troubles, memory problems and focus…
  • signs neurosensory : persistent loss of taste and/or smell;
  • of the renal complicationsdigestive, pulmonary or neurological.

Towards a long Covid epidemic?

More than two million French people suffer from Covid long. Indeed, it is necessary to add the adults infected by Omicron since the beginning of 2022 as well as children. However, the disease is underdiagnosed in young people. Patient associations fear a epidemic of undiagnosed caseswith long-term sequelae in the years to come.

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