Covid long: the trail of immune exhaustion?

More than two years after the appearance of Covid, the mystery surrounding the long form of the disease remains intact. American researchers seem to have found the beginning of a trail.

What if long Covid was immune depletion? This is the hypothesis formulated by American researchers to explain the long-term persistence of symptoms linked to contamination by Sars-Cov-2 in certain patients.

If since 2020, the long form of the disease has been proven and documented in many patients, its origins remain mysterious to say the least.

Their study, based on in-depth blood tests of 99 patients with long Covid, would provide proof that it is a disruption of the body’s defenses, the main clue of which lies in the drop in cortisol.

This hormone is involved in managing the body’s reactions to all types of stress, including that caused by the arrival of a virus. The production of this “depleted” hormone would prove, according to scientists from the Yale University School of Medicine, the general fatigue of the immune system of patients.

General tiredness

One of the authors’ hypotheses is that this exhaustion would be directly linked to the body’s fight against Sars-Cov-2, of which it has been proven that patients suffering from long Covid still carry a high burden several months after contamination.

A track corroborated by another anomaly identified in the blood of the patients studied. Their white blood cells, the unfriendly “cell killer” leukocytes, show signs of fatigue. A track also reinforced by the presence of a greater quantity of antibodies intended to fight against Sars-Cov-2.

The list of clues discovered by these researchers is finally completed by several signs of abnormal chronic inflammation. According to Dr Barizien, member of the expert committee of the High Authority for Health on long Covid, this set corresponds well to the symptoms presented by the patients he cares for at Foch hospital, in the Paris region, assures france info .

These discoveries should make it possible to accelerate the launch of treatment protocols to tackle the various disorders unmasked.

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