Covid: Moderna categorically refuses to reveal its vaccine technology to China

The Moderna laboratory categorically refuses to submit to the request of the Chinese authorities to reveal to them the technology used to manufacture its vaccine against Covid-19

The American pharmaceutical giant Moderna categorically refuses to reveal to the Chinese authorities the technology behind its ARM anti-Covid vaccine. At least that’s the information obtained, on October 02, from several reliable sources including the press agency Reuters.

Indeed, according to this media which quotes the FinancialTimes, the American laboratory, headquartered in Massachusetts, raises concerns related to security. According to the same source, the laboratory is however open to collaborating with the Chinese authorities so that its vaccine is used in this country.

“We would be happy to work with China if the authorities in that country feel the need to bring vaccines to that country. Currently, there is no activity in progress, but we are open to any proposal”, let know Paul Burton, one of the most important personalities of Moderna.

The information was confirmed by the media Indeed, according to this source, it was the Chinese authorities who had required the American laboratory to provide data concerning the technology used to manufacture its vaccine against Covid before its use in China. For the moment, Moderna says niet.

The news sparked a wave of reactions on social media.

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