Create And Manage An Event In Google Calendar On Windows

Windows 11 and Windows 10 are popular operating systems offering versatile features. Windows has its own Calendar app that helps you stay on top of meetings, plans, vacations, and other important reminders. The calendar app basically helps organize your work easily by saving your time and helping you get the most out of it every day. However, our daily life often forces us to maintain multiple calendars that can serve multiple tasks. Most of us like to keep separate calendars for personal and professional use.

With many calendar apps available today, most of us use multiple calendars that serve different purposes. There are plenty of calendar apps you can use to keep track of all your events, work tasks, appointments, and other commitments.

If you are a favorite fan of Google Calendar, you may already use it to organize your day. Managing multiple calendars is a daunting task and requires you to switch from the Google Calendar app to the Calendar app to keep track of daily reminders. None of us would like to miss important reminders from calendars and the thing to do in this case is to import your Google calendar into Windows Calendar app. In this article, we explain how to create events on your imported Google Calendar in the Windows Calendar app.

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Create an event on Google Calendar in the Calendar app

To create an event, you must manually select the calendar to add the events.

Go to The start menu and click on the Calendar application.

Move towards Settings and select Manage accounts.

Click on Add an account and select Google.

Enter your email address and password.

Press the Login button and click Allow to import the Google calendar.

Now launch the Calendar app and select the date you want to add as an event.

Give the name of the event.

Select option All day if you want the event to appear throughout the day in your calendar.

Enter the desired value beginning and end time.


Enter your position in the Location field.

Besides the calendar, click on the drop-down menu.

Select Google Calendar to create an event in Google Calendar and click Done.

Depending on the sync settings, events from Google Calendar will be synced to your Calendar app.

That’s all.

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