Data center, a necessary technology that remains energy-intensive

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07/10/2022 11:00

The energy efficiency of data centers or data centers used by companies and administrations to organise, process, store and store large quantities of data is the new challenge for the performance of this necessary technology which remains energy-intensive.

The companies and administrations of tomorrow depend enormously on the applications, services and data contained in these data centers, which makes them an essential part of the daily life of these structures.

In this regard, Faouz Boutaleb Joutei, director of energy solutions in a large global company providing solutions in the information and communication technology sector, based in Casablanca, indicated to M24, the news channel in of the MAP, that each company, industry or administration needs the data center which hosts all the IT equipment, noting that this digitized part which will be hosted in servers, telecom networks or access networks is today of great importance capital city.

“The interest of having these data centers which are secure lies in the criticality of the data which is hosted and the environment which will also allow these servers and IT tools to operate at a certain temperature and humidity”, he said. -it belongs.

The question of the Data center and energy efficiency is acute insofar as this essential technology is very energy-intensive, explained Mr. Boutaleb Joutei, specialist in the environment and the construction of data centers, adding that in the world , the overall consumption of data centers amounts to 3% worldwide and this figure will increase to 13% by 2030.

“It’s an extremely energy-intensive industry. The whole world is looking for innovative solutions to help reduce the energy consumption of these data centers,” he said.

And to specify that the innovative solutions will be on the precision air conditioning side, which represents 70% of the consumption of a typical data center.

On air conditioning, a solution that is common for the moment is the use of outside air and ambient air to air condition the data center (Free Cooling), he said.

A free cooling method, Free Cooling uses the temperature difference between the interior and exterior of an infrastructure to supply the cooling system.

In this sense, Boutaleb Joutei explained that for an environment where the temperature is less than 24 degrees for a few hours of the day, we resort to using part of this air to air-condition the data center for free instead of use mechanical solutions

This technique is used in several cities in Morocco with the exception of some cities which are very hot, he pointed out, noting that in the cities which are located on the coast, the temperature displays in the evening less than 24 degrees. and being able to go during a certain period of the year from 5 to 19 to 20 degrees.

On this temperature profile, there is a way to use 10 to 100% free cooling on these data centers, assured Boutaleb Joutei.

Digital solutions, like data centers, have undoubtedly contributed to energy efficiency, while the major challenge remains the use of innovation and artificial intelligence to achieve increasingly more environmentally friendly.

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