dengue cases are increasing in France

Geoffrey Branger

October should be the hottest month ever recorded in France. Good news for All Saints holidaymakers, but this heat leads to the proliferation of tiger mosquitoes. They can transmit several diseases such as yellow fever or malaria. Health authorities are concerned about the sharp increase in the number of dengue fever cases in France.

The heat is conducive to the proliferation of tiger mosquitoes. These mosquitoes transmit diseases such as dengue fever, which worries the health authorities. Since the beginning of the year, more than 75 indigenous cases of dengue fever have indeed been diagnosed, that is to say cases of contamination on metropolitan territory, not imported from other countries or overseas.

A possible development of the virus with global warming

It’s five times more than in 2020 and it’s not over. According to specialists, new cases could be registered at the beginning of November. “The temperatures are still favorable, that is to say that if the temperatures are high enough, we will have a development of the virus which will be possible and this is what is observed. And of course, with global warming, we expect that there will be a small extension in the long term of this period at risk”, explains on Europe 1 Harold Noël, epidemiologist at Public Health France.

Dengue fever is therefore transmitted by the bite of tiger mosquitoes, but symptoms only appear in one out of three cases. They are quite similar to the flu: fever, body aches or even headaches.

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