DentalMonitoring now offers Smart STL*, a technology based on artificial intelligence

PARIS, October 25, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The company introduces the oral healthcare industry’s only platform capable of creating 100% up-to-date STL files remotely*. This new remote oral care technology allows clinicians to deliver treatment more conveniently and cost-effectively.

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DentalMonitoring is known for its innovations in the field of dental and orthodontic care and increases this notoriety with this new offer. Previously, any STL file creation required the patient to go to their practitioner’s office*. They can now request an updated STL file at any stage of treatment via the DentalMonitoring dashboard. This eliminates the need to visit the practice, which is both convenient for patients and efficient for practices. Smart STL technology enhances remote solutions and can help practitioners progress efficiently in their treatments.

This unique technology enables 3D intraoral models to be created with the sophistication of AI scans, ensuring the new STL file is the most up-to-date model possible based on the patient’s current smile.

“This achievement revolutionizes practice efficiency, saving time in the practice and time previously spent with intraoral scanners, while saving patients unnecessary visits to the practice. In the future, it could also help streamline the management of mid-course corrections, refinements, maintenance and relapses,” says Philippe Salah, CEO of DentalMonitoring.

Since 2014, DentalMonitoring has taken the industry by storm with a mission to make dentistry smarter with solutions that help improve the quality of care, enable industry growth and improve the patient experience.

This latest innovation is part of a series to strengthen the company’s range of smart solutions, which range from AI remote monitoring to its data analysis system, the first of its kind. sector.

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DentalMonitoring was born from a simple idea: oral care should be connected and continuous, even outside the practice. The company created the world’s first platform in dentistry, protected by more than 200 patents, to meet rapidly changing patient expectations. With the industry’s largest database of dental images, DentalMonitoring has developed the most advanced and comprehensive physician-focused AI solutions to help dental professionals deliver superior care and a better experience. for patients. Whether it’s engaging and converting patient leads, providing treatment options through AI-generated reports and advanced smile simulations, or remotely monitoring all types of treatments, DentalMonitoring’s unique platforms give dental professionals complete control over streamlining assessments and communication. DentalMonitoring employs over 400 people in 18 countries and 9 offices, including Paris, Austin, London, Sydney and Hong Kong.

*Statements of product availability and regulatory status may differ by country based on local regulations.
**An initial in-office IOS is still required.

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