Depil&Young relies on its latest technology equipment

The Depil&Young franchise ally 3 trades : I’lasting hair removalI’slimming and theanti-aging. Its concept therefore offers the advantage of do not depend on a single activity and to offer several services to its customers. The brand relies, among other things, on its latest technology equipment to attract entrepreneurs and candidates who wish to undertake on the beauty industry. She also selected the best of technology : pulsed light, cryolipolysis, cryotherapy, radiofrequency, ultrasound…

Some of the most popular services in the sector

The centers Depil&Young support their clients through high-performance equipment and High quality for the sole purpose ofobtain convincing results.

  • The Victoria 400 devices allow permanent hair removal treatments using pulsed light using the best-known technology and recognized for its performance on the market.
  • The cryolipolysis helps reduce fat, improve cellulite and reshape the body and silhouette through effective advanced technology.
  • The lipocavitation breaks down and relieves fatty tissue by emitting deep energy waves.
  • The radio frequency is an electromagnetic wave generating controlled electrical waves causing two distinct stimulation actions of fibroblasts to improve skin tone and elasticity.

Quality support offered to licensees

Depil&Young recruits entrepreneurs wishing entrepreneurship in the beauty industry but also salon owners wishing to boost their business. The latter must have a room with an area of ​​at least 55 m².
By integrating the network, the licensees exercise their activities and manage their centers in complete autonomy and independence while benefiting from theassistance and of theaccompaniement of their franchisor.

The network head also ensures stay close to its licensees and makes available to them many adapted services.
Depil&Young guarantees its new members full training of a duration 4 weeks. This covers all aspects related to the profession and immerses future business leaders in the Depil&Young universe. The initial training is carried out in the pilot institute of the network in Valencia.
In addition to this training, Depil&Young also continuously trains its licensees to help them improve their performance but also to keep them informed of new techniques and new equipment.

Finally, the employee training is also provided by Depil&Young.

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