Detecting cheating in exams: where is the technology?

More and more voices are raised against these artificial intelligences which decide the fate of the students. Some students have even decided to file a complaint.

This is the case of a college student from Broward College in Florida, who took a biology exam last February. She was recalled by the Honorlock software: and was rated 0 out of 20 by her teacher.

The software noticed that the student often looked away from the screen. His teacher sent him a detailed report with an attachment of the video of his exam taken by the camera of his own computer.

“After viewing your video, we observed you repeatedly looking down and off the screen before answering questions” he wrote, in remarks relayed by the New York Times. The software identified a 10-second sequence during which the student lowered her gaze. The biology teacher describes this attitude as “intellectually dishonest”.

For the student, it was simply a way of concentrating. In the meantime, this controversy does not seem to worry American schools. Honorlock software is used in more than 500 establishments. It has already controlled more than 9 million exams in 2021.

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