Devoteam Revolve explores emerging technology practices

Devoteam Revolve is a French company that has developed expertise in the place of knowledge and work in the face of the advent of automation. Its vocation is to study the place of humans in relation to technology.

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L’automation is at the origin of the creation of the company in 2006. It is its impacts that continue to drive the Devoteam Revolve team today. “We invested very heavily in automation because we perceived very early on that it was going to impact the future of work and the way of designing computer systems. We study new practices (agility, feedback culture, communities of practice, reverse engineering, etc.) and new technological uses (machine learning, IoT, data science, etc.) that are emerging today. We test them, theorize them and return them with a critical eye to our customers, partners and ecosystems”, explains Domenico Di Cicco, President of Devoteam Revolve. For the company’s employees, understanding technology allows them to free themselves from it and develop their creativity.

The defining use of technology

Combining human values ​​with technology is a winning combination for Devoteam Revolve. “We are convinced that computer programs are a reflection of the men and women who program them, they carry within them the identity of the engineers who develop them. We call this technological identity. In addition, projects often come up against human difficulties at least as much as technical ones, if not more. So many projects are failing for collective and systemic reasons and concretely to deal with it, we have started several initiatives around the development of soft skills”, assures the President. Staying innovative in the face of this technology, which is developing rapidly day by day, is also a challenge for the French company. And for this, Devoteam Revolve relies on the recruitment of people who shake them up, provoke debate and bring a cognitive diversity that advances and makes all employees better.

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