Dialogue with “Taikonauts”: China arouses enthusiasm for science and technology among young Africans

Last Tuesday, one of the amphitheaters of the University of Letters and Human Sciences of Bamako (ULSHB), ex FLASH hosted a meeting called “Dialogue with Taïkonautes”. Organized in the form of questions and answers for Chinese language learners, the activity in question is the initiative of the China Human Space Flight Agency in partnership with the Commission of the African Union (AU) and the embassies of the People’s Republic of China in African countries.

Chaired by HE Mr. Chen Zhihong, Chinese Ambassador to Mali, the “dialogue with Taikonauts” brought together several students and pupils learning the Chinese language. It was under the enlightened assistance of Dr. Belco Oulogèm, Director of the Conficuis Institute and Mr. Fayera Sissoko of the same Institute.

Before starting the question and answer stage, the Chinese Ambassador to Mali, HE. Chen Zhihong delivered a message in the form of an interview to the media men present for the occasion. In his intervention the Chinese diplomat will say that it was on June 5 that his country launched the authorized spacecraft, sending 5 Taïkonauts into the aerospace space. Which must stay for 6 months.

It is in this movement, according to the Ambassador, that the collection of online questions was launched last July. This has allowed thousands of African teenagers to ask questions to Chinese astronauts in the space station, called “Heavenly Palace”.

SEM. Chen Zhihong will also explain that through dialogue with Taikonauts, it is a question of showing fresh images of China to the African generation. Also, “it helps to expand Sino-African cooperation in new areas while consolidating our traditional friendship,” he said. Before adding that these kinds of initiatives aim to raise awareness and arouse the interest of young Africans in space science and scientific knowledge. Similarly, through dialogue with Taikonauts, the State of China seeks to establish a platform for exchanges between young Chinese and Africans. Something that will help expand the areas of China-Africa cooperation.

Abundant in the meaning, Mr. Fayera Sissoko will say that the said meeting is part of the Sino-African relations. Also, thanks to a Sino-African forum, held in Dakar, Senegal, it was recommended to focus on the space station. This allowed young Africans to get in touch with Chinese Taikonauts. Also, “through this dialogue with Taikonauts, the Chinese Government wants to invite African youth to take an interest in science and technology,” Mr. Sissoko suggested.

It should be noted that the questions posed to these learners of the Chinese language were validly answered. Each of them received a gift.

Diakalia M Dembele

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