Didier Bove becomes Veolia’s digital business and technology director


Didier Bove will lead the Digital business & technology department, which combines the expertise of the group’s IT, data and digital departments in order to build digital offers for Veolia group customers.

Appointed DSI group of Veolia in 2019, Didier Bove now heads a new department, Digital business & technology, responsible for developing digital solutions for the group’s customers.

AdvertisingJoining Veolia in 2013, Didier Bove became the group’s CIO in 2019. In September 2022, he moved to head the newly created Digital business & technology department to support the development of digital offers for the group’s customers. . This component of the offers represents the fourth pillar of the digital transformation undertaken by the group, after employees, customers and operations. The challenge now is to build digital solutions offerings combining software, expertise and services, in order to contribute in particular to the environmental performance of Veolia’s customers.

A cross-functional department at the service of the group’s customers

In a message published on LinkedIn, Didier Bove indicates that this transverse direction will bring together the expertise of three directions: the IS&T direction led by Pascal Dalla Torre, that of data soon directed by Sophie Troel and that of digital, led by Aude Giard, all this with the support of Claude Laruelle, deputy director in charge of finance for the Veolia group.

For the group, this is a new stage in the transformation initiated in 2017 by Estelle Brachlianoff, the current CEO of Veolia, and led by Chlo Dupont, director of the group’s digital transformation. In this context, the IT department entrusted Didier Bove and the business support and performance department, under the responsibility of Sverine Dinghem, have undertaken in 2020 to provide ten digital solutions to the group’s business entities, aligned with Veolia’s Impact 2023 plan. . We are well on the way to succeeding in this challenge, with the 10th solution to be produced in 2023. Today, more than 30 Veolia organizations around the world are benefiting from the solutions already produced, pointed out Didier Bove on LinkedIn , which salutes the efforts and commitment of Veolia’s IS and technology teams.

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