Digitization of industry: technology is revolutionizing production

The digitization of the industry continues to progress. The teams are seeing the arrival of ever more efficient machines and SAAS performance management solutions dedicated to production sites. These tools allow agents to work more efficiently. Managers, on the other hand, save about 1 hour per day of time-consuming tasks.

Like experts, such software audits independently and objectively. The goal is to continuously improve. Faced with these new challenges, Fabriq allows you to set up action plans in a few clicks, and thus develop and optimize your organization.

The results are encouraging: between 2% and 5% additional efficiency is observed thanks to its use. In 2022, Fabriq is present in 21 countries, on nearly 200 different sites. It is translated into 15 languages ​​and makes life easier for many sectors of activity:

  • Aeronautics,
  • Luxury,
  • Food,
  • Metallurgy,
  • Automotive.

Why do you need to digitize the production chain and its management?
What are the benefits of this approach?
How to take advantage of new technologies?

The benefits of digitizing the industry: identifying new opportunities

Solve problems quickly thanks to the digitization of the industry

You notice machine scrap or a recurring jam.
The problem is relayed in real time to the contacts concerned, and in general, to the entire team.

Thanks to this feature, you no longer have to contact your teams. Reports are sent automatically. It receives an alert notification in real time and makes it possible to anticipate stoppages in the exercise of the activity.

Save time on recurring operations

It is possible to automate recurring tasks. Given the repetition and automatisms developed, errors can occur. Thanks to Fabriq, reduce setbacks and annoyances within production workshops. Thanks to the digitization of the industry, the machine takes care of the task from start to finish.

Take the example of the DS 200, an industrial inserting machine. The new version analyzes the QR code printed on the documents and determines on its own whether to take one sheet, two sheets or more. Previously, the operator had to configure the machine, carry out time-consuming tests before finding the right setting. From now on, he enters the documents into the machine and it manages everything independently.

Optimize agent energy and streamline communication

The digitization of the company is an advantage. Production workers work less intensively and more efficiently. They reduce their errors and only have to concentrate on the essential tasks. Thus, it is certain that they gain in productivity. In addition, the fact of no longer needing to send an email, organize a meeting, a webinar or telephone to transmit information is another strong point of Fabriq. Communication is better and everything is flowing very quickly. This performance management solution helps companies evolve.

Limit losses

You are probably familiar with the concept of operational excellence. This is a digitization of the industry in order to limit:

  • waste,
  • delivery delays,
  • The delivery of products that do not comply with the specifications.

For this, there is software that optimizes stocks and warns teams when they are falling behind. The ideal deadline is developed, so as not to make a bad estimate and make the client wait. You no longer have to think, the tool gives you all these indications.

You still do not measure the concrete advantages that you could generate thanks to Fabriq? This article shows you that digital lean doubles the benefits of traditional lean.

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