Do you have nightmares? You can get rid of it!

Have nightmares

Just because you sleep doesn’t mean your brain does the same. The dream is a cognitive activity, produced by the sleeping brain. Whether nightmares mainly concern children, adults are also likely to have their sleep disturbed by bad dreams. But you can avoid these by forming good habits.

Where do they come from ?

“A nightmare is a very distressing dream, of which we keep a precise memory for a short time, just after waking up. They are more common in children than in adults, but can happen to anyone, ”explains the Fil Santé Jeunes website. According to some research, the nightmare would be therapeutic. It would allow us to better live our negative emotions. If he wakes us up at night, we speak of a nightmare, which reflects the inability to digest these emotions.

It would be possible to improve the quality of your dreams and therefore your sleep, with a few simple tips, according to Theresa Cheung, dream specialist, author of Dictionary of dreams from A to Z, at the Dailymail.

Vitamin B6

During your dinner, remember to eat foods rich in vitamin B6, such as spinach, liver or fish. The latter would make “dreams clearer and allowed to remember them more”, according to a study published in Perceptual and Motor Skills. Also avoid eating too heavy, too fatty, too salty, or just before going to bed.

A hot bath

One to two hours before going to bed, take a warm bath for at least 10 minutes. This will have the action of lowering your temperature and signaling to your body that you will soon be going to bed.

Have an evening routine

It’s best to stick to the same bedtime every night. Also adopt a wellness routine. If you have some sleep to catch up on, go to bed earlier the next day. In addition, it is better to get up every day at the same time, which will have the advantage of not disrupting your biological clock and thus not doing nightmares.

Stretch and breathe

This will relax your muscles, which you have worked on during the day. Also practice deep breathing, which will make it easier to fall asleep, but also relax you, to spend a calm night.

look at the moon

Do this at bedtime. If you can’t see it from your home, look at a photo. This would allow you to focus on your “inner self”. You can do this by doing a little meditation.

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