Do you use Google Chrome? Update it immediately

Hackers exploit flaw in Google Chrome browser, reports The Verge. Google announced on its blog to be aware of the problem, and hopes to be able to offer a fix in the days or weeks to come. To minimize risk, Google Chrome users on Windows, Mac, and Linux can install the latest update, released August 30, 2022.

Why it matters. Updating Google Chrome to the latest version is crucial, as older versions can be handled more easily. Note that the latest patch does not completely solve the problem, we will have to wait for a new update which should arrive soon. This is the sixth flaw that Google Chrome is facing this year. To prevent malicious people from exploiting the latest vulnerability more widely, Google did not dwell on the exact nature of the problem.

How to do. In principle, it suffices to relaunch Google Chrome for the most recent version to apply. But to be sure that your browser has installed the 105.0.5195.102 patch, you can go to the options by clicking on the icon with three dots at the top right, then on “Help” and finally on “About Google Chrome”. A link will open to let you know if your browser is up to date. In general, it is important to regularly check whether the software you are used to using is running on the latest version.

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