DRC: Myriad connect, African technology leader, popularizes the use of the USSD channel with public and private companies

The African continent is by far the least connected in the world, with only 28% (GSMA) of the population having internet access. This gap therefore leaves thousands, if not millions, of people without access to basic digital and financial services. Faced with this digital disparity, the USSD was able to respond effectively to this need for population access to digital and financial services.

USSD is a GSM (Global System for Mobile) communication technology, which instantly establishes communication between a user’s mobile phone and a telecom operator’s platform, without requiring an Internet connection. Unique to the African landscape, this channel has been used for decades by people to: make transactions, pay bills, subscribe to insurance products and other types of services and use.

Indeed, it is with this in mind that Myriad connect, the African leader in USSD technology, has set itself the task of popularizing the use of the USSD channel with public and private companies in the DRC. Myriad has also set itself the task of highlighting the impact on African Communities of this technology, which has revolutionized the continent through digital financial inclusion which has been powerfully boosted.

“We have been supporting mobile operators on USSD technology, and particularly in the DRC for more than 10 years and today we are proud to open this communication channel to the business world. Companies until now have not really had the facilities to have access to the USSD which is very important, this little short code that you know allows you to connect to digital services and innovative financial services without the need for a smartphone, without the need for the We are opening this technology today to the business world; companies can come to Myriad Connect, with their short code that they have collected from regulators and can then integrate into our APIs to reach all mobile operators,” said Fabien Delanaud, Managing Director of Myriad Group, to the press on Friday October 14.

For those who are still dragging their feet, a message has been sent out to them to join the train and provide their customers with innovative services.

“In a very practical way, if you want to do USSD today, you don’t have to go to the mobile operators, come and see us at Myriad Connect, contact us, we have a presence here, we give you access to our platforms right away, via our APIs, which are available and integrated with the 4 mobile operators. So in a practical way, you contact us, we give you access to the platforms and in a few hours you finally start developing your services, use our simulators, and test on your mobile phones. At the same time, you take a short code from the regulator and as soon as you are ready, we put it into production and your users have access to all your services”, he said. he added in his explanation.

Fabrice Kabongolo, Product & Market Director at Myriad Group returned to specific explanations on the USSD. According to him, the USSD offers several opportunities especially with regard to financial inclusion.

” The USSD is very simple, it’s a channel that we all use very often but we don’t always know that it’s called USSD. For those who have Mpesa, Airtel Money, for example you will do *1122# this is the USSD Mpesa channel, for Orange Money you will do *144# and for Airtel Money *501#, the 501 there is called USSD but in reality it is a technical term used to group all these numbers. The reason for our presence today is to share with the general public, banks, breweries, hydrocarbon companies the different solutions and the added value that these solutions offer today to the Congolese population. including financial inclusion which today allows mobile money operators to use the USSD to carry out transactions”, he added.


During this B to B meeting with companies, some Myriad Connect partners shared their experiences based on what they do and what they plan to do in the future on the markets with the USSD.

“Today, we are present in this event organized by Myriad Connect which is a USSD integration facilitator and invited us to share the experience in terms of USSD in the DRC. This partnership with Myriad Connect is a success, In As a Bank we know that the USSD will allow us to be closer to our customers and as you know FBNBank wants to be a bank that is getting closer and closer to the customer, our slogan is the customer of This partner is a partner of choice, because it allows us via the USSD to offer all our services to end customers,” said Franck Kankolongo / Banking Agency Director – E Business at FBN Bank.

Operating in more than 40 countries, the Myriad platform is deployed by more than 50 mobile operators worldwide. Its platform thus serves more than 175 million users; and therefore processes more than 72 million transactions per day.

Clement Muamba

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