Dyson launches new vacuum cleaner attachments focusing on pets and anti-tangle technology.

Dyson Groom Pet Brush – DYSON

PARIS, Sept. 22 (Benin News / EP) –

Dyson announced on Thursday the launch of a new range of accessories for its cordless suction products, including the new Anti-Melt Brush and Pet Groom Tool, pet orientedas well as a new scratch-free dusting attachment and a head for hard-to-reach places.

The company is aware that the the hair tangled in the heads is one of the most uncomfortable experiences for their customers. That’s why they designed a tapered brush with anti-tangle technology. This attachment includes 56 epilation wands, whose precise angle allows all types of hair to be deposited directly into the cup of the vacuum cleaner.

These polycarbonate teeth, combined with a set of wrapped nylon bristles, anti-static carbon fiber filaments and high suction power, trap and remove the most stubborn tangles as well as the coarsest dirt and dust. microscopic. This technology, which is now available on the latest range of Dyson vacuum cleaners, will now be available on all models of cordless vacuum cleaners equipped with this accessory.

“While developing its anti-tangle technology, Dyson engineers gathered 885GB of data just by simulating virtual hair. This represents a total of 1,900 hours of operation, or the equivalent of almost 80 days of non-stop testing”, explains the company, which specifies that this Enhancement works with both human and animal hair, in addition to sucking up all microscopic particles. that cause allergies.


In addition, Dyson welcomes the brush Dyson Groom for petscompatible with its wireless models. This attachment “quickly removes loose hair, dander, and microscopic flakes from your pet’s skin,” the brand says.

Connected to the main body of the vacuum cleaner or via an extension hose, the tool, which features 364 bristles arranged at a 35 degree angle, adapts as pet is groomedThe “comb” is designed to reach the loose hairs of the coat and allows the vacuum to catch any stuck hairs in its bowl after brushing. This “comb can also be used without being connected to the vacuum cleaner, in case the pet rejects it because of the sound (then connect it to remove accumulated hair).

The company recalls that pet hair can carry pollen and other allergens throughout the home. Studying cleaning habits around the world, Dyson found that 28% of people with cats and 27% of people with pet dogs allow them to sleep in their beds. However, only 38% are aware of the presence of mites in their fur.


Finally, Dyson introduced a new head to reach the most hidden places. This new tool bends up to 22 degreesthe “optimal angle” – according to the brand’s research – to clean the hardest to reach corners in the house or car. With a width of only 12.5 mm and a reach of 254 mm, its design allows it to reach and clean in depth the tightest corners.

The accessory also offers a secondary brush on the tip, to tackle the most stubborn dirt. “Both attachments are part of Dyson’s comprehensive range of twelve vacuum attachments, ensuring users have the right tool for every cleaning need,” concludes the company. *

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