East Moselle. “Stable numbers” for this start of the school year at the IUT of Forbach

Finished the University Diploma of Technology, place in the University Bachelor of Technology which takes place in three years. The new promotion in “Science and Engineering of Materials” (SGM) is back to school this Tuesday on the benches of the IUT of Moselle Est. “With 27 students in the first year and 25 in the second year, we have relatively stable numbers,” says Sébastien Firus, head of the SGM department. In the first year, a few places are still available at the start of the school year.

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An IUT that appeals to local students

“40% of the first years come from the urban community of Forbach Porte-de-France”, notes Sébastien Firus. Originally from Schœneck, Tobie Mundele is among them. After a short experience in Strasbourg, the student preferred to combine business with pleasure to continue his university studies. “I had good feedback on the training and in addition, it’s near my home,” shares the young man.

A professional training

From now on, the training offers work-study training for the second years; six opt for this course. But those who follow the initial course are not outdone when it comes to practice. “Here, half the time is reserved for practical work and this is what allows us to validate their skills as the course progresses”, says the director of studies Marc Bernardy.

Second-year student Timothy Schmitt agrees. “The IUT is very well equipped, whether in the workshop or in the laboratory”, adds the student specializing in the characterization and expertise of materials and products.

Human resources and material resources

For this new school year, the IUT plans to continue its investments to be in tune with new technologies. Solar panel measurement bench and laser sintering 3D printer are provided to enrich the educational path of students. Also, the IUT recruited as lecturer, Djawhar Ferrah, who went to a research laboratory in the United States, and Brandon Bumb, technician.

“We are not completely making a clean sweep of the past, but we have plenty of ideas to put in place. We try to develop projects to make students aware of sustainable development, of the cost to the planet,” says the director of studies for whom the human size of the university is a strength.

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