EasyJet invests billions in technology for emission-free planes in 2050

This was announced by the British carrier on Monday when it unveiled its plan to fly without emissions in 2050.

According to easyJet’s plans, the use of hydrogen could reduce fleet CO2 emissions by almost 80% by 2050. The remaining CO2 will need to be captured to achieve fully emission-free flights. To this end, the airline works with, among others, the aircraft manufacturer Airbus and the aircraft engine designer Rolls-Royce. The capture technology is still under development, but the plan is to capture CO2 from the atmosphere and store it underground.

The investment in new aircraft will amount to 21 billion dollars spread over several years. easyJet thus plans to buy 168 Airbus NEO, whose current fleet already has 59 aircraft. According to the airline, these aircraft are not only 15% more fuel efficient, but they also generate less noise pollution.

Eventually, the aircraft will be equipped with the latest software. This should help reduce fuel consumption, especially during take-off and landing.


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