Economy. Feeling meta, future Loire nugget of the metaverse?

A McKinsey study announces that in 2030, the average Internet user could spend more than 6 hours in the metaverse and that the world market would represent, on the same horizon, 5,000 billion dollars (compared to 47.6 billion in 2020)

These predictions are hard to believe, as the metaverse remains far from the concerns of most French consumers today.

Do not abandon the metaverse to GAFAM

It is exactly to this observation that two friends arrived, two already entrepreneurs from the Loire: Pierrick Meunier, – finance professional and investor -, and Fabien Geraci (in particular at the head of the Herbora brand and specialist in the subject of blockchain ). A few months ago, they created the start-up Feeling Meta and hope to quickly make it the French nugget of the metaverse.

“We are convinced, like Meta, that the Metaverse is a revolution that will lead to profound changes in our society. Except that we refuse that the vision of the metaverse carried…

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