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At a time of major ecological challenges, many companies are looking for ways to develop more sustainably. In many ways, technology and its prowess are coming to the rescue of businesses by providing them with greener and more cost-effective ways to deliver products and services. A look back at some recent and revolutionary innovations.

The impact of digitization on sustainable development

In the fight to save the environment, deforestation is a major issue. Paper, whose pulp is made from wood, is one of the main causes of forest degradation. In France, nearly 8.8 million tonnes of paper and cardboard are consumed in this way each year.

To overcome this ecological disaster, digitization represents a relevant substitute. The massive digitization of documents thus makes it possible to make drastic savings on paper and ink, especially within companies. The replacement of a majority of letters by e-mails, the widespread adoption of PDFs and access to online resources rather than on paper have also represented a substantial saving that companies no longer want to do without.

Entertainment transformed by digital

In the world of entertainment, technology has also transformed our consumption habits. On the model of video games, other traditional games have converted to digital. This is the case of the online casino which offers to play card games such as blackjack and slot machines on the Internet. The variety of titles is abundant, with for example themed games such as “Gates of Olympus”, “The Ruby” or even “Fakir Slot”.

Unlike the costly equipment required for the manufacture and maintenance of this type of machine in land-based casinos, casinos accessible on the Internet avoid additional pollution while offering the same services to users. These slot machines are, moreover, accessible from anywhere, provided you have an internet connection.

Technology at the service of films and series

Cinema and series have also been considerably influenced by technological advances. A few years ago, DVDs were king and stores selling and renting videos were springing up everywhere. These films on disc, wrapped in various plastic packaging, have given way to other formats, thanks to streaming. From now on, platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Salto or even OCS offer, by subscription or rental, access to a very wide range of series and films.

Here again, in addition to the greatly reduced carbon footprint, streaming promotes access to culture and entertainment for as many people as possible. Available at different prices, these programs are also equipped with many options that make it easier to read, such as subtitles and audio in a variety of languages. More and more, these platforms offer new programs, produced by their teams, in preview and in streaming.

Whether in the world of business or entertainment, technology enables more sustainable development. The increasingly important introduction of videoconferencing in our daily lives is also transforming our ways of meeting and meeting each other, by reducing the need to travel. What will be the next step taken by technology in the march towards sustainable development?

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