.edge by Lawo: maximum technology for minimum space

At IBC, the German broadcast equipment manufacturer presented its brand new IP video infrastructure platform: .edge.

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Taking the form of a compact 2U enclosure, .edge accommodates up to four .edge 25/100 GbE compute blades and features rear I/O panels.

Ultra-high density SDI/IP conversion

.edge is a hardware tool designed to operate under the software license model. Each I/O blade includes 48 HD-BNC connectors for SD/HD/3G/UHD SDI interfacing, or 192 SDI/IP conversions on just 2 U. .edge is fully compliant with SMPTE ST2110 standards and includes ST2022-7 redundancy capability, allowing both advanced transmission and secure switching of audio, video and auxiliary data, whether locally or across a WAN.

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The design of .edge is unique because it does not have an audio TDM bus, nor a video matrix at the heart of its architecture. The video signal is switched at the IP packet level, two methods being possible: “make before break” (MBB) and “break before make” (BBM).

Being able to support local loops, .edge allows users to link local inputs to local outputs, while the packet copy function allows a received packet to be used several times without additional flow management operations: the packets present in the buffer memory are in effect available for any SDI output.

An infrastructure with software licenses

Each blade .edge can adapt to different scenarios, simply by activating the necessary functionalities thanks to a flexible system of licenses. In addition to the basic license, which covers the use of 16 BNC connectors, it is possible to activate additional I/O up to a total of 48 BNC connectors.

Everything has been done to facilitate the replacement of SDI routers: packs .edge are available with 288×288, 576×576 and 1152×1152 matrices, including customer-selectable network switches and HOME license. For broadcast control systems, the pack .edge/HOME acts like a traditional SDI router, i.e. it requires no changes in user interface or workflows. Channels can thus continue to use their existing SDI equipment.

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Find Lawo at the SATIS, on November 9 and 10, at the Docks de Paris, Dock Pullman – Stand B31.

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