Ekoï presents the “Be Hot” technology at the Cycling and Soft Mobility Meetings

During the first meetings of cycling and soft mobility organized at the Mucem by Gomet’, the French brand of cycling equipment Ekoi, created in 2001, will unveil its new collection for winter 2023, a specific women’s range designed with the new “Be Hot” technology in collaboration with Nathalie Simon. The principle: the fiber stores the heat of the body during the movements and generates it when the body needs it, thus making it possible to increase the body temperature up to 1°C or 2°C additional.

Credit Nathalie Simon Linkedin

I like the idea that women can feel beautiful while doing sports. The goal is not to adopt the codes of the pro teams, but to obtain a full identity for these clothes dedicated to women. I want to bring fantasy and character to our clothes explains Celine Milan, director of women’s collections who wants to develop clothes that are perfectly adapted to the female anatomy while integrating safety requirements.

About the first encounters with cycling and soft mobility

This unprecedented day of exchanges, placed under the high patronage of Clément BeauneMinister of Transport, will make it possible to present during numerous speeches: inspiring initiatives, good practices, innovations and favourites, but also new issues related to the city freed from all-cars.

More than 500 public and private decision-makers, associations, partners and manufacturers will be present and will build together the new cycling practices of tomorrow, which are particularly respectful of the environment and meet current societal expectations.

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