ENGINE in the US, Europe and Australia becomes Big Village, pioneering the future of global advertising, technology and data

Under its new entity, Big Village unites advertising technology, media, insights and creativity under one roof to solve key industry problems and move advertising into a new era.

NEW YORK, June 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ENGINE, a global advertising, technology and data company, announced on June 17 the creation of its new corporate brand, Big Village (www.big-village.com) in the United States, Europe and in Australia. It is on a mission to break down the siled industry thinking of the past and serve as a role model for the industry as to what an integrated solutions business means. Under its new name, Big Village is a global advertising, technology and data company that brings together its full range of services, including experts in advertising technology, media, insights and creativity, under one roof, in order to effectively solve some of the industry’s biggest challenges and advance advertising and marketing.

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Directed by Kasha Cacy as CEO for International, Big Village has 450 employees worldwide, and is growing. The company prides itself on being a team that brings together divergent perspectives that are intertwined in the team process to unlock unexpected opportunities for clients.

Big Village brands and services include:

  • EMX by Big Village: Built on Advertising Technology, the company’s end-to-end programmatic technology group, EMX is a leading SSP, data platform and media trading desk;
  • Cassandra by Big Village: a collection of evolutionary studies on Millennials, Gen Z and Gen Alpha, uncovering and dissecting emerging trends, generational perspectives and youth behavior;
  • Media experts trained to break down ad technology silos by combining consumer attitudinal insights, audience targeting, media activation and robust metrics to drive media investments;
  • A global market research company that uncovers not just the “what” but also the “why” of customer behavior, leading to better data and insights to make better business decisions;
  • A modern creative studio that positions brands to be driven by their audience through contextual work across social, digital and traditional channels.

“When we look at what marketing organizations face today, it’s become so complex; campaigns can no longer exist in silos,” said Kasha Cacy, CEO for Big Village International. “We’re on a mission to rise to the challenge and solve the problems that others haven’t been able to: provide true transparency in the programmatic market, scale niche audiences that aren’t properly defined by behavioral data, and deeply integrating data and insights into creative and media processes, to name a few. »

The rebranding does not include ENGINE Group UK, owner of advertising agency ENGINE Creative, acquired by Next 15 earlier this year. However, EMX has employees working in the UK.

Big Village is currently working on a number of great initiatives globally and prides itself on finding unconventional ways to solve big problems for its customers. For example, in recent work with a leading tourism group, Big Village encouraged their client to think about marketing strategy not in terms of what they wanted to embody, but who they wanted to target. to effectively reach new customers in the wake of the pandemic. Over the past two years, and still today, Big Village has helped this client increase its footfall significantly.

A great example of how Big Village experts are working together to solve big problems is the Ad Council’s “It’s Up To You” COVID-19 vaccine education campaign. The Ad Council has partnered with Big Village to improve the quality of target audience and better differentiate vaccine hesitant from other groups, as well as to activate this message on the most effective media channels. Leveraging unique targeting solutions including Digital Audiences (insights) and EMX Data Connected Marketplace™, Big Village seamlessly targeted and activated certain audiences across EMX’s media offering.

Big Village is also committed to partnering with external technology solutions companies to expand and grow its offerings. EMX, by Big Village, has partnered with Audigent, the leader in data activation, curation and identity, to expand the first-party data capabilities of its Data Connected Marketplace. ™ As the preferred SSP of Audigent’s SmartPMP™ product, EMX provides greater audience reach, better targeting, greater scale and better outreach.

About Big Village

Big Village is an international advertising, technology and data company. Guided by our diverse group of experts, we offer a new way of working by bringing together programmatic solutions, media, insights and creativity under one roof. Big Village is headquartered in New York and has 12 offices in North America, Europe and in Australia. To find out more, visit big-village.com.

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