Engineering and technology consulting: and four for Alten in Morocco

After Fez, Casablanca and Rabat, the subsidiary of the world leader in engineering and technology consulting is arriving in Tetouan. Nestled on the Shore of the city in the north of the country, this site, inaugurated on Monday, September 19, is a new stage in the group’s development strategy in Morocco.

Eyes riveted on their computers, around thirty young geeks scroll through numbers and letters with their fingertips. Headphones in their ears, they only talk to their screens and their customers, who we guess are demanding. Day visitors do their best not to disturb the tranquility of the place in front of the almost mechanical concentration of the occupants of the site. We are in a plateau of Alten Morocco, a subsidiary of the world leader in engineering and technology consulting, created in 2008 and present in Fez, Rabat and Casablanca.

Freshly inaugurated on Monday, October 19, the place is located on the Shore of Tetouan, a sort of Silicon Valley in the making, set at the foot of the immense Mdiq mountains, a stone’s throw from Cabo Negro. No one enters here if he is not an engineer, or almost. Freshly recruited for the needs of the center which has just been opened, these little expert hands handle ultra-sensitive data on a daily basis. Every day, they support the global giant’s clients, mainly industry leaders, in their development strategies in the fields of automotive, rail, IT, R&D and telecoms & media. This is the 4th production site in Morocco in the offshoring zone.

In a highly competitive market, and in line with the advanced regionalization strategy launched by the Sovereign, the extension of Alten in the Kingdom to the North represents the next step in the group’s growth strategy. A promising opening for the group which strengthens its presence in Morocco and its leading position in the market.

This once again proves its desire to reach new markets and create new job opportunities with high added value for young graduates, boasts the group’s management. Through this new stage, Alten is contributing to the development of Morocco and the gradual revitalization of the Tangier-Tetouan region, which has a sufficient pool to meet the needs of companies specializing in the professions of the future. It must be said that the installation of the group in the north of the country is a real godsend for the young people of the locality who, until now, went to seek work in Casablanca or Rabat at the end of their training. Today, they find job opportunities more easily in their own region, provided they have the right profile.

“We are in a competitive international market in which Alten decided more than 30 years ago to be a first-class leader in the world, in the fields of engineering and IT, networks and telecoms, etc. Our subsidiary Alten Morocco is once again strengthening its position in the Kingdom with the inauguration of this new production site in Tetouan,” said Didier Marchet, Director of Offshore Delivery Centers, Morocco, Romania, India and Poland, on Monday.

In the continuity of its strategy deployed for more than five years, Alten Morocco, which aims to open up to new platforms in the shore, has defined four major axes which will be the drivers of its development for the next four years. This involves supporting and developing its talents and skills as part of its social policy, accelerating and strengthening its relationship with the Moroccan ecosystem in order to be closer to national strategies and objectives. Sectoral diversification, to ensure its sustainability through the various industrial cycles and the organic growth which should lead to a workforce of 2,000 people in the next four years, is also part of this strategy.

The inauguration ceremony was chaired by Didier Marchet and the Management Committee of Alten Morocco, in the presence of many representatives and officials, including the director of the Regional Investment Center (CRI) of the Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima Region. , the President of the Regional Chamber of Commerce, as well as all the employees who started their activities in the new premises. Established in Morocco in 2008, with the inauguration of its first production site in Fez, Alten Delivery Center Morocco is now present in Rabat, Casablanca and Tetouan and employs more than 1,000 people. Elected best employer in 2019 and partner of many innovative projects, Alten Morocco puts human capital and innovation at the heart of its priorities.

Khadim Mbaye / ECO Inspirations

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