Engo Eyewear launches a second pair of head-up display sports glasses

Launched at the start of 2022, Engo’s smart glasses already have little sisters. The Engo 2 do not come to upset the recipe for sports glasses, but they make Activelook technology more accessible and adopt a mask style that is a little more discreet. The Engo 2 are available in two sizes, standard and large, for a more or less high and enveloping mask, in order to adapt to the needs of different sports practices. We were able to meet the brand’s team during the Roc d’Azur 2022.

Activelook technology does not evolve here and is still based on image projection via an Oled projector. The electronics are embedded in the center of the goggles, around the nose bridge, and are completely hidden. When the glasses are worn, nothing reveals that they hide the 6 g of electronics necessary for their operation. The Engo 2 remain particularly light with 36 g for the standard version and 41 g for the large model. A weight very close to that of the Engo 1 and the Julbo EVAD-1 (42 g), which incorporate the same technology. Classic sports glasses of this type can go below 30 g.

Engo Eyewear chose to ditch the pair of polychrome lenses for a one-piece polycarbonate goggle. The Engo 2s therefore lose the ability to adapt to changes in light conditions, but retain category 3 sun protection. Enough to save a few euros in passing as well, the Engo 2s being displayed at 329 €, against 389 € for the first generation.

MWC 2022 – Activelook, the head-up display technology for glasses compatible with Suunto, OpenRunner and iKinesis

The compatibility with the ecosystem is unchanged, and Engo ensures operation with accessories such as Apple Watch, Garmin counters and watches or even a simple Android or iOS smartphone. Each compatible accessory will open access to personalized screens. Motion detection technology via a sensor placed in the center of the glasses allows you to scroll through the different screens by passing your hand in front of your face.

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