Escalquens. Technology at the service of the comfort of seniors

Friday, September 16, VieConnect and Edenis organized a thank you cocktail for the nursing staff of the Edenis Borde Haute nursing home in Escalquens.

For 3 years now, the Borde Haute residence has been working to improve the quality of life of its residents thanks to Secco, the flagship product of the Toulouse start-up VieConnect. As Dimitri Tintikakis, president and co-founder of the company, points out, the device “is a small sensor that improves the management of incontinence, by detecting when an absorbent pad becomes saturated.” It sends the information to the nursing staff who can then intervene at the inconvenient moment.

Better sleep

Edenis gives pride of place to the comfort of residents through the use of this new technology. Isabelle Sud, director of the Borde Haute nursing home, said she was “proud to be able to reward the teams for deploying the VieConnect device. The device reassures families, in particular about the living conditions of residents, which makes it an asset in taking decisions of future residents.” More than just a sensor, Secco is an asset for a sector that is often decried.

On the caregiver side, the implementation of this sensor was very well received. “The big benefit we see with this device is especially at night. It avoids the exchange control of the protections and thus does not wake up our residents, greatly improving their sleep”, in particular advanced Thomas Gayraud, responsible residential care. This device also improves the working conditions of the personnel.

Each member of the nursing staff left with a symbolic diploma as well as a small gift in appreciation of their work.

The Ehpad Edenis Borde Haute continues to watch VieConnect’s future projects with interest with a view to continuing to improve the living conditions of its residents.

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