Even more technology for the next Honda Africa Twin

After the Yamaha Tracer 9 GT which should benefit from a radar and adaptive cruise control on the occasion of its next update, the Honda Africa Twin should in turn benefit from an equivalent system.

More than a simple radar, the system patented by Honda and unearthed by our colleagues from Motorradonline.de, is composed of a camera which would therefore be able to visualize the environment around the motorcycle, and to transmit the information to the systems of motorcycle safety. A technology similar to that which can be found on smartphones, with different sensors to visualize the immediate environment but also more distant.

In addition to an adaptive cruise control, we can also think of a blind spot warning system, emergency braking or even driving assistance capable of anticipating the presence of an unexpected obstacle.

Even more technology for the next Honda Africa Twin

Placed under the front headlight of the Africa Twin, sheltered from bad weather, the camera is mounted on a support so as to absorb the vibrations of the road. If the presence of a radar has already been mentioned for the Africa Twin, this camera could also be part of the development of new driving aids, and in particular the LKAS system, for Lane Keep Assist System, an aid to maintain in the lane and a trajectory corrector.

A project that seems already well advanced and that we could therefore see arriving on Honda motorcycles very soon.

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