“Faced with shortages, the careless forgetting of science”

Aurelie Jean. Frederic Monceau

FIGAROVOX/CHRONICLE – During his back-to-school speech, the President of the Republic did not utter the word “science” once, notes the researcher. If we want to avoid missing out on innovations synonymous with progress, science and technology must not be forgotten or rejected, she argues.

Aurélie Jean is a doctor in digital sciences, specialist in algorithms. She has notably published On the other side of the Machine. Journey of a scientist to the land of algorithms (2019)and Do algorithms make the law? (2022), published by L’Observatoire.

We must review our lifestyles to see a lasting solution to the current ecological situation which leads us to believe in an apparent abundance of resources. This is what President Emmanuel Macron rightly evokes in a back-to-school speech to the Council of Ministers with elements of language that are a priori well chosen. At the risk of surprising you, the change of posture must also commit to the sciences. Seeing them as a smart lever instead of blaming them for all wrongs or, worse, pushing them off topic. And yet, the word “science” was not mentioned once by the president in his speech. Undoubtedly a careless oversight.

To all the politicians who compare themselves to General de Gaulle…

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